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Commissions Optimizer for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Why commissions optimizer?

Inventory costs can be changing and become a challenge for the sales team to predict their commissions.  Many businesses need commissions to be calculated flexibly and without impacting inventory costs.

Commissions optimizer enables businesses to calculate the sales commission in an efficient and flexible way by considering various factors viz. fixed cost parameter, percentage value and product freight. This allows

sales teams to trust the system and allows them to focus more on selling and worrying less about changing

margin throughout the month.

We at Real Dynamics have taken an initiative to ease this customer pain by optimizing commission and its

calculations by certain setups which will execute the sales commission cost on various factors such as

inventory cost, which keeps on changing as per market demands, considering Unit of measurement

conversion factors and cost uplift amounts (Promotional benefits) and thereby adding fixed cost overrides, if


Commissions Optimizer: About

Key benefits and feature highlights of commissions optimizer

  • Solution considers inventory costs as basis, allows commissions administrator to define uplifts on top of inventory cost to cover corporate overheads and cost of capital.

  • As we are separating commissionable cost and inventory costs, certain products can be marked down to motivate sales team to sale at lower price and yet be profitable sale without having to change inventory cost for the products.

  • Solution supports addition of uplifts by store/warehouse, products, product categories, up to batch/lot level and with date effectivity.

  • Commissionable costs are stamped as part of invoicing process and can be modified by commissions administrator to correct errors in the initial inventory costs, ability to recalculate commissionable costs for specific period if need be.

  • Customers Rebates and rebate accruals can be added as additional cost inputs.

  • Visibility for freight and other misc. charges margin in commission calculations.

  • Support for defining margin and commission adjustments e.g. bad debts adjustments, additional special performance incentive fund (SPI F).

  • Defining minimum quota, tiered rates for commissions by employee, guaranteed commission amount and commission plans for employees.

  • Process allows team selling sharing commissions across multiple members involved in the sales based on their % percentage contribution.

  • Analytics and reporting solution using PowerBl allows self-serve commissions reporting for sales reps, sales managers, regional level and easily drill down in Excel.

  • Provide additional visibility to Finance team on margins e.g. based on commissionable cost and inventor cost thereby allowing them to review exceptions and resolve issues quickly.

Commissions Optimizer: About
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